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Established in 2010, Urban tooth dental clinic is a two operatory completely air-conditioned dental clinic with the latest technology and modern dental units. A comfortable waiting area with a warm reception well versed in English, Hindi, Marathi to guide you with routine & specialist health care. Our team of highly trained doctors & assistants specialize in multiple aspects of dental care, envision to provide a holistic approach to the dental treatments provided in our office.

Dr. Akshat Gupta

Principal Dentist

Dr Akshat Gupta Profile

Urban Tooth Dental Clinic is the brainchild of Dr. Akshat Gupta. He graduated with a Bachelors in Dental Surgery from Mumbai and is a specialist in Dental Implantology from New York University (NYU,USA) .

An ardent learner & practitioner he holds specialist degrees and diplomas in all aspects of dentistry and a Post Graduate Diploma from Symbiosis.

He is certified by The American heart association as a health care professional Basic Life Support (BLS) provider.

Dr. Akshat Gupta is a Certified Graphologist (Handwriting Analyst) from the Institute of Graphological Research. In his free time he is an active participant in Mumbai’s food culture.

A natural at photography, he is quite an enthusiast when it comes to travelling for an adventure & interacting with new people of all age groups.

Building his own practice with the latest technology has been a fulfillment of a personal dream and he believes it is his goal to ensure maximum comfort for patients while providing the best of modern healthcare.

“We strive to create a no pressure, technically advanced, low stress environment with exceptional patient service. Yes, we create AMAZING smiles at our office, however at the end of the day we want our reputation to be built around our relationship with our patients and our quality dental care – specifically a friendly & approachable manner that allows for an open discussion of dental health & related goals.”

Dr Anamika Gupta (Deshpande)

Aesthetic Dentist/ Practice Manager

Dr Anamika Gupta 1

Dr. Anamika Gupta graduated with a Bachelors in Dental Surgery from Pune and is a specialist in dental smile makeovers having completed her Mastership certification from Columbia University (USA).

Her expertise lies in giving beautiful smiles to people which helps them discover their inner confidence. She believes in the use of latest technology available in the country to give the best smiles to our patients.

Dr. Anamika Gupta has a compassionate soft corner for geriatric special needs and is on the panel of consultation for replacement of missing teeth for the elderly.

Her passion to provide patients with quality holistic care motivates her to hold several diplomas and degree certificates in all aspects of dental care.

Dr. Anamika Gupta is certified by the American heart Association as a health care professional Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider.

She has a very calm, pleasing and polite demeanor and is dedicated in making the patients feel comfortable. She is also the feedback and grievance officer in the clinic and appreciates suggestions which helps improve the standard of healthcare.

A Yoga enthusiast, and a vipassana student, she believes in meditation and self discipline. In her free time, Dr. Anamika is associated with various NGOs for volunteer work. An ardent lover of animals, she helps provide shelter and food for them.

Being the daughter of a defense (Navy) officer, she has traveled all over the country and interacted with people from various walks of life and continues to enjoy travelling and the experiences it brings.

“A smile is the most endearing expression that a human being can create, it instantly connects people and generates positivity.”

Dr. Nikita Gurav

Associate Dentist & Treatment Coordinator

Dr  Nikita Gurav

I am Dr. Nikita Gurav, a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nagpur.

I am an Associate Dentist here at URBAN TOOTH DENTAL CLINIC and the treatment coordinator in this dental office and I will be here to help you with all your queries.

I enjoy talking to our patients! I believe in educating our patients so that they can choose their treatment wisely, whenever required, as well as educating them about dentistry as it helps our patients in maintaining their dental health. I am quite an extrovert and I love creating a good rapport with our patients, so they feel at ease in our dental office.

I love being around children, they have so much energy in them, it’s contagious! The best thing about having kids in the dental office is that they are curious to know everything and I feel if it is channelized well, it’ll help them treat their teeth with love.

I enjoy exploring my creative side by painting, clay modeling (mural art) as well as play musical instruments, it relaxes me and brings a lot of positivity which I love sharing with the people around me. I enjoy dancing in my spare time because I feel that rhythm is what makes a life. I am a person who likes to understand people and help them manage their problems and I am here to help you out!

“I always wanted to work in such an environment where-in all the staff is cheerful, helpful and motivating as well. The environment at URBAN TOOTH DENTAL CLINIC is clean, sterile and a place where everyone would love to work”.

Mrs. Nisha Ghale

Reception & Front Desk Manager

Mrs Nisha Ghale

My name is Mrs. Nisha Ghale.

I am the friendly voice greeting you on behalf of URBAN TOOTH DENTAL CLINIC.

As you will get to know me during your visits at URBAN TOOTH DENTAL CLINIC, I am a lovable person who is hardworking, sincere and my motivation in life is to experience new things and learn something every day.

I feel change and new challenges break the monotony of an otherwise mundane life.

I love socializing and meeting new people. I have come to realize that understanding their emotions and how they feel enriches me with positivity!

I always wish that whoever I meet, I make them feel at ease and create an amicable environment where I go.

I am passionate about music and in my free time love exploring new genres of music, it soothes and calms me.

I find joy in playing sports, especially Badminton. I feel playing a sport is not only a great ways to stay fit but also to
socialize and feel energized!

“I am dedicated to ensure that from the second a patient walks in or calls on the phone at our clinic, they must feel at ease to know that they will be cared for and their journey to a better health will be delightful”

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